Imaginary Weapons was authored by a careless and inexperienced  writer, Sharon Weinberger , an individual innocent of both the technical issues of which she tried to write and of the political manipulations of those in whose service she placed herself. As a book, Imaginary Weapons proved worthless in both style and content, sales were meager and customer reviews were harsh. Most of the book consists of a smear campaign against what she calls "an obscure Texas Professor" designed to discredit a surprising scientific discovery actually made in 1998 by an academic team of diverse, international dimensions. Carelessly written, but meticulously indexed, it served the needs of the politicians surrounding the writer as a source of quotable denigration, even though it was cited as "made-up nonsense" or often worse in blogs and customer reviews. Facile reference to the discredited nonsense penned by Sharon Weinberger destroyed careers, misled Congressional appropriations, and derailed promising technological advances. One could reasonably have wondered what it had all been about, but by the middle of 2007 many of us thought that at least the media war against that "obscure" Texas professor had expired....and anyway, it had all been about money, not science.... But no...we had to hear from Peter Zimmerman AGAIN.

Drawing upon his experience with wrong-headed judgments, Peter Zimmerman condemns the first isomer experiments, machinates to stop the research, slanders the scientists who supported the work and ends in this latest article with "Did McDaniel ever show that isomer triggering occurred? I have no idea."
Peter Zimmerman drawing

Peter D. Zimmerman

Professor, Dept. of War Studies, UK

"Atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima was necessary"

Peter Zimmerman writes in this issue.... The Strange Tale of the Hafnium Bomb: A Personal Narrative

Since Peter Zimmerman never talked to the obscure Texas professor that published the breakthrough experiment with isomeric hafnium and since Peter Zimmerman knows nothing about the underlying science, he should have titled his article.... The Strange Tale of Peter Zimmerman:
A Personal Narrative
APS news issue
-APS News, 16, p6 (June 07)

In 40 years of professional life Dr. Peter Zimmerman published in peer reviewed Physics journals only 28 articles. It is usual to publish between 100 and 200 in such a period. His colleague identified as Bill in the Personal Narrative who "sought to do from the inside of the isomeric world what I [Zimmerman] had tried to do from the outside...." published only one peer reviewed article in that sort of time span.  

What Dr. Peter Zimmerman did publish was an outpouring of criticism of almost everything, personally adopting some astonishingly wrong-headed positions that seem to range from unwise to odious.

Decide for yourself after looking at his publication list, surely the fruition of a strange tale:

Publication List of Peter Zimmerman, putative Physicist

Why did Peter Zimmerman never deign to look at the open letter that reports all of the confirmation experiments, including TRIP, and the high level of confidence found for each? Indeed a Strange Tale !
What is most astonishing in the Strange Tale is the exposition of how a cabal of such scientifically unqualified individuals, led by someone with such a track-record of unwise judgments, as recorded by his own writings, could have disrupted important scientific research by their baseless political activity. How they did it can be seen in the sequence of e-mails that Sharon Weinberger fumbled into the public domain where they can be circulated by anyone.  Zimmerman's Publications