Science politicians disinformed the US Congress
A "reporter" worked to engineer a story upon which she was reporting

"We all played our rolls [sic].  And we can all take some happy bows."
- Peter D. Zimmerman, May 28, 2004
Not only inept in writing but in other matters as well, Sharon Weinberger allowed her thread of communications to enter the public domain. The e-mail sequence can be reproduced at will.

Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 16:07:04 -0400
From: Sharon Weinberger <>
To: Peter Zimmerman <>,
     William B. Herrmannsfeldt <>
Cc: Jeff Carroll <>, msweiss <>,
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Subject: Re: hafnium is officially dead

Clarification. Pete Zimmerman has correctly pointed out that both the House
and Senate must agree to kill hafnium. In fact, they both have, and the
House Armed Services Committee was even more vehement than the Senate.
Please notice the [sic] their language below. So, again, hafnium is at a final,
complete, total end.

For those of you, like Pete, who are interested in the policy issues, you
will find the House language particularly important. For those of you at the
national labs, please note the language about who should be leading this research....

...the committee believes that the Department of Defense should not be engaged
in this research. The proper agency to investigate the feasibility of this technology
is the National Nuclear Security Administration and its national laboratory complex....
[nota bene - these are laboratories for secret work.]

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Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: hafnium is officially dead

> We all played our rolls [sic].  And we can all take some happy bows.
> BUT, this is only one authorizing committee in one house of Congress.  We all
> know what can happen in Conference Committees, either appropriations or
> authorizations, so don't count embryonic chickens too quickly.
> -pete
Some of the story is revealed, names of worthy prominent scientists  who "should have known better" have been redacted to try to minimize further conflict. 

Color has been added for emphasis.