Find the Perfect Fence Contractor for Your Home

It isn’t uncommon to find out that your contractor has not kept all the promises we made when first meeting. Professionals who say one thing and do something else have burned many homeowners. It is hard to find a contractor who does exactly what they say. So, when it came time for us to install a fence, we had to be prepared. The first thing we had to decide was whether the fence should be installed by ourselves, by a professional contractor

You guessed it, after getting burned (in the first place), we decided to try and do this project ourselves. We began by calling our township and asking about any ordinances which may prohibit us from using fences or materials. If you live in an HOA-governed area, you should check with the HOA before starting your project and purchasing materials.

There are no restrictions on the fence materials, colors, or heights that can be used in my area. There are no restrictions on the type of fence we can install. We may use decorative aluminum, wood or picket, and chain-link. We can build whatever we want. Many neighborhoods allow wood fences, but not all types. Wooden picket fences and split rail fences are allowed, but not privacy fencing due to height restrictions.

You will need to ask about this specifically if your fence is used to surround a swimming pool area. A fence around a swimming pool may be different from a yard fencing, and you should ask about it specifically. If you install a fence around your pool that doesn’t meet local laws, it can cost a lot of money to remove and replace the old one.

We thought that installing a fencing on our own wouldn’t be a big deal. However, after choosing a fence which we liked we realized we had gotten into trouble. We ordered a decorative aluminum fencing that was very elaborate. It required professional installation. We knew there were many fencing companies in Michigan, so we made sure to check the BBB first. We also checked to ensure that we only dealt with professionals. Next, we asked our friends, family and colleagues if they had used a BBB-recommended professional to install a fence. One colleague was able to provide a positive reference. The company was operating in the manner expected of a professional business.