Astro – Psychology for Self Understanding

Astrology aims at understanding the psychology and nature of humans through the observation and interpretations of cosmic energies, influences, and signs of the sun system and planets. Astrology is an ancient science that uses a traditional system to analyze character, health, relationships, situations, national issues, and global concerns. Visit our website and learn more about astro manifestation.

Astropsychology’s study of personal human nature begins with a serious examination of one’s zodiacal sign. The positive qualities of “our sign” are easy for us to recognize and we can accept these as our own. Negative traits are equally as important but require a different approach. Although we all have these weaknesses, those that are born under our sign tend to be more pronounced.

We must be aware that, while we may have learned these traits and tendencies from our zodiac sign, they are not necessarily ones we wish to exhibit. These energies and resources are still available to us if we wish to access them.

Free will is what determines how we live our lives. We can choose to follow the easy routes that the stars have shown us, or take a path that is off-the-beaten-track. We are always in control of our decisions, regardless of subtle influences that may be present. Similarly, just as it is sensible for a farmer to harvest when the sun is shining, some life efforts and activities are likely more productive when the planetary environment is favourable. As a result, we start to pay attention to the ‘climate’ of the skies, in addition to earthly weather patterns.

It is beneficial to learn all zodiacal sign traits and flaws, including your own. This will allow us to better understand others and recognize the difference in their human nature. The exercise is beneficial.

The planetary influences on mood, work and circumstances are also worth studying. It is evident that planets move in ever-changing patterns, which have a more unpredictable influence on us than standard energies that emanate from the 12 segments of the zodiacal cosmos. We react to the energy patterns created by planets in their aspects, or relationships to one another.

The science of astrology is as complex as psychology to provide suggestions on why we act and behave the way we do. The same applies to our shared goal of self-growth and achievement in the physical, emotional and intellectual spheres.

The natural elements, such as water, earth, fire and air, are also taken into consideration when drawing up our chart to help determine how we measure our practicality, emotions, intellect, or spirituality. It is based on the placement of planets in signs and zodiacs to which they are designated to apply.

The study of astrology can bring many great benefits. Some of them are very practical, like planting crops based on the lunar phases, forecasting fishing, planning social programs, finding compatible partners, healing or selecting an auspicious day for important events. Astrologers may choose to focus on a variety of different applications.

The art of astropsychology allows us to learn more about our own nature, and then apply that knowledge in everyday life. This is an interesting interest for a lifetime. The astro-psychology helps us inwardly feel safe and secure, with the sense that we’re part of natures unique creative design. It also allows us to be part of the greater family. At least a twelfth (or billions) of all the people who live on earth share the same zodiacal influences at birth. We can empathize and take comfort in that.