You are looking for Mini-Storage Units For Sale?

If you answered yes, then you’re probably one of the smartest investors to have realized that there is gold in those hills. In the late 1960s, 迷你倉 really started. Since then, thousands of investors have made it their personal gold mine.

These investors are aware that storage buildings are necessary for many reasons across the country. Some areas in the country are experiencing rent increases faster than consumers can keep up with, which forces people to move into smaller spaces …… Many places and cities lack enough storage space, leading to a growing need for additional storage.

Many businesses, even in these difficult economic times, are being forced into smaller offices. Naturally, the question of what to do with all their furniture and personal belongings arises. It’s easy to be a smart mini-storage owner. You can rent space in my mini-storage facility. Mini storage buildings are an affordable way to provide storage space for these individuals.

If you are looking for a mini storage to purchase, chances are you have already had experience in investing …. primarily by owning rental properties. After dealing with all the issues that come with owning residential property, you might want to try a new approach ….. As you probably know, renting real estate is great, but it doesn’t have tenants, tubs, toilets or other amenities. There are many horror stories that people can share about renting their property. They include drugs, prostitution and even murder. There has to be a better method, and there is.

If you’re looking for mini-storage spaces for sale, let me explain what investing in self storage is like. For background, you will find at least 4 to 5 major Real Estate Investment Trusts. These REITs are principally in the Self Storage Business. These are: Extra Space, Public Storage, Uncle Bobs and Shurguard. These REIT’s are all in it to make money. Look them up, they are public. You will see how they operate and the dividends that they provide to investors …… Now the question is: Can you buy mini-storage units and run the same operations?